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Discover Unmatched Precision

Explore the epitome of automotive craftsmanship with our meticulously converted Chevrolet Cheyenne Pick-Up, seamlessly transformed from left to right-hand drive. Our precision-engineered conversion ensures an unparalleled driving experience, combining functionality with style.


Customisation Expertise on Display

Immerse yourself in the world of bespoke automotive solutions as we showcase our unrivaled expertise in converting vehicles. Witness the seamless transition of the Chevrolet Cheyenne, a testament to our commitment to precision and customisation.


Elevate Your Drive with Global Conversions

At Global Conversions, we redefine automotive excellence by offering tailored conversions that meet your unique preferences. This converted Chevrolet Cheyenne Pick-Up exemplifies our dedication to delivering top-tier quality and personalised service.


Sleek Exterior, Impeccable Interior

Marvel at the striking exterior of this converted Chevrolet Cheyenne, expertly repainted to meet manufacturer standards. Choose from our esteemed color palette, and step into an interior transformed with a selection of premium materials, colors, trims, and intricate stitching.


Unleash Dynamic Power with Right-Hand Drive

Experience the thrill of driving a meticulously converted Chevrolet Cheyenne in right-hand drive, where power meets precision. Global Conversions proudly presents the 2.7L TurboMax I4 and the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engines, delivering extraordinary horsepower and torque for an unmatched driving experience.


The 2.7L TurboMax I4 packs a punch with 310 horsepower, while the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 takes it to the next level with a commanding 355 horsepower. 


Harness the strength of the Chevrolet Cheyenne with torque figures that define its commanding performance. The 2.7L TurboMax I4 boasts 430 lb.-ft., ensuring responsive acceleration, while the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 delivers an impressive 383 lb.-ft., providing unmatched control and handling.


Balancing power with efficiency, the Chevrolet Cheyenne in right-hand drive showcases impressive fuel economy. Whether opting for the 2WD or 4WD variant, enjoy a seamless blend of performance and eco-friendliness with city and highway mileage specifications.


Chevrolet Cheyenne Pick-Up RHD


    LED Daytime Running lights, Headlight Range Adjustment 

    Fog Lights, 

    Heated Windows


    Main Beam Assist


    Side Steps

    Tow Hook

    Mud Flaps

    Push Bumper

    Tinted Windows

    Rear Windows, Sliding


    Trip Computer

    Radio AM | FM | XM

    Media Inputs - USB

    Manual Climate Control

    Pollen Filter

    Outside Temperature Indicator

    Touchscreen Centre Display

    Multifunctional Steering Wheel 

    Cruise Control 

    Front and Rear Cameras

    Electronic Stability Control

    Hill Start Assist

    Trailer Stability Assist


    HD Radio

    Bluetooth, Phone, Audio

    Automatic Climate Control

    Entertainment Screens - Rear Seat

    Noise Cancellation 

    Carpet Flooring Front and Rear

    Heated Steering Wheel

    Keyless Entry 

    Remote Start Engine

    Garage Remote Control 

    Parking Heater, Engine Heater 

    Forward Collision Warning

    Lane Assist System

    Parking Assist

    Trailer Assist

    Parking Sensors Front and Rear

    Anti-Theft Alarm

    * Model Specification May Vary. Please contact us for accurate specification

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