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Chevrolet Truck Pre RHD Conversion, going to be converted from LHD to RHD
Pre-Conversion of Black Chevrolet Truck, LHD to RHD

Phase 1
Pre-Conversion Checks

Once your car has been sourced and arrives with us, the vehicle is immediately cleaned and test-driven. This is to identify any preexisting faults and issues with the car before the work begins. If there are any issues, the client is made aware and repairs are made.

GMC Denali being converted from lhd to rhd, american muscle car GMC in RHD

Phase 2

Starting off with the bonnet, our expert mechanics begin dismantling the vehicle. Each individual part that is removed is bubble wrapped, labelled, and put into the correct section on the storage rack for each bay. This avoids any confusion and damage when re-assembling the vehicle at the end of the process.


More delicate areas that need to be dismantled and removed require specialised machinery, such as the AC unit. The gas is removed safely, to avoid being leaked into the environment, and can be recycled once the car is reassembled.

GMC Denali Radiator being drained before being converted from left hand drive to right hand drive
Ford Bronco Engine after being converted from Left hand drive to right hand drive. Ford Bronco RHD now available for uk sale
Ford Bronco RHD and GMC Denali RHD in the conversion factory. Ford Bronco having personalised reconstruction of interior too for customers preference

Phase 3

During the welding stage parts such as the steering wheel, steering highlam bracket and box, steering position, airbags, brake booster, control pedals, and the battery and cooling system all have to be moved onto the alternate side. This also means that pipelines, wiring looms and brake cables all have to be extended so they can reach the new positions.


The parts for the conversion are always ordered from the original manufacturer to ensure both the best quality and safety for our clients. Any parts that can’t be sourced are made in-house by our expert team of engineers. These parts are all made to the same standard as the original manufacturer. Cheat sheets are created so that any spare parts can be made on demand. 


At the end of the welding process, a chemical is sprayed on the new joints to test the quality and safety of the weld. The chassis is also repainted.

All black leather interior of RHD cadillac escalade

Phase 4
Technical & Electronics

As previously mentioned, the main wire looms are extended to suit the new welding positions. As well as this, some electrical functions need to be changed such as window wipers, electronic seats, mirrors, and headlights.

Mechanical and Technological room in the conversion factory. This is where we rewire all the electronics of the vehicle to work in parralell with the conversion
Extreme close up of fibre materials. We use manufacturer's standard quality of materials for all of our cars
Global Conversion Uniform,  showing all of the brands we can work with, Ford RHD, Cadillac RHD, Lincoln RHD, GMC RHD, Chevrolet RHD, H rv RHD

Phase 5
Upholstery & Fiber

Upholstery and fibre is another important aspect of the conversion. Our objective is to maintain the manufacturer's standard of quality. Therefore, if we can’t obtain the original manufacturer's materials, we source material that has the same texture, quality, and colour. However, if the client wishes for any custom colours or materials these can also be completed as the vehicle is going through the conversion process.

We use specialist equipment for the painting of vehicles. We have all main manufacturer colours and we also make our own specific colour pallette's for your customer preference

Phase 6
Assembly & Paint

Once the conversion is completed, the mechanics begin to re-assemble the vehicle using the sorted parts from the beginning of the process. A hoist is used to check under the vehicle and all bolts are reexamined to make sure they’re tight enough. Ensuring the safety of the vehicle.


Any painting that is done takes place inside the ventilated painting booth. The colours can be matched to the original manufacturer's palette. We can also mix our own colours on-site, to your own specification. 

Black GMC Denali being lifted up ready to get to the engine for lhd to rhd conversion
Ford Bronco in RHD ready to be lifted up and checked for any lost screws, this is the final check before road testing again
2 cadillac escalades one grey metallic and one black metallic both fully converted and able to be used in the UK

Phase 6
Final Checks

At the end of the process and before vehicle handover, the car is fully valeted to remove any dirt that may still be on the car after the conversion process. The vehicle is then taken for a test drive once again, to check the safety and quality of the build.

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