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About Global Conversions

Global Conversions by AutoExport is a UK-owned company specialising in automobile re-engineering. Converting American Left-Hand Drive vehicles such as GMC, Ford, Lincoln, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Cadillac, as well as North American Toyota and Nissan, to Right-Hand Drive. 

With over two decades of skills, our dedicated team ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for our global clientele.
Trust in our commitment to deliver precision and excellence in every conversion.

Mechanics converting GMC Denali and Ford Bronco from lhd to rhd in a factory

Why Convert With Us?

20 Years Of Experience 

Continuous Innovation

In-House Parts Manufacturing

Customer-Centric Approach

two hummer ev 3x suv
"You are the best in the market guys"
5 yellow stars for 5 star review

MtawaliGeorge George


Man inspecting Cadillac Escalade for its final checks after being converted from left hand drive  to right hand drive

Your Safety
Comes First

At Global Conversions, we prioritise top-notch quality and your safety.


Our parts, paints, electronics, and upholstery are sourced directly from original manufacturers.


Before and after every conversion, thorough vehicle inspections are conducted to detect and resolve potential safety issues preemptively, ensuring your peace of mind.

an experienced team dismantling the front grille of a GMC Denali Yukon

Professional & Reliable Team of Experts

Our in-house experts boast over two decades of industry experience.


This extensive knowledge empowers us to provide unparalleled services to our clients.


With this expertise, we swiftly identify and resolve any issues encountered, ensuring prompt and top-notch solutions for our valued customers.

an experienced team working on dismantling the engine on a GMC denali yukon

State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment

Throughout our process, we utilise specialised equipment for dismantling, welding, conversion, and vehicle assembly.


This advanced equipment also facilitates thorough road testing and preemptive issue diagnosis, ensuring minimal setbacks during any project phase.

roll of material inside a factory showing interior customising options

Personalised Experience

At Global Conversions, customisation is key.


We welcome alterations during the conversion process, whether it's bodywork paint, upholstery, fibre, or framework modifications.


When requesting a quote, please mention any customisations you desire for your vehicle.

2 hands shaking in front of a cadillac escalade showing good service and communication between the company and the customer

Customer Service

Global Conversions thrives on exceptional customer service and aftercare.


Beyond conversions, we prioritise your satisfaction, offering responsive support and tailored solutions.


Our commitment to unparalleled service is a guiding principle, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

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